What Are The Different Types Of The Laser Used For The Laser Cutting?

The reason why laser cutting is so famous is because of its precision, high quality and high finish. The laser cut is very accurate and it is not only used for the cutting of the metals but the non-metal materials could also be cut from it. Since the word laser means the amplification of the light and therefore, in all kind of lasers a light beam is utilized which is produced from different methods. Most commonly there are three major kinds of the lasers used in the laser cutting and these are discussed below.

CO2 Laser:

This type of the laser is not only used for the cutting, but is also used for the boring and the engraving in different materials. There are two ways for producing this laser. First method includes the passing of the current through the mixture of the gas and the second method includes the use of radio frequency. However, the most famous method is the production of this laser by the radio frequency method because of the reason that in the other method, the electrodes are used and these could rust over the time and could erode as well. However, the materials which are cut by this kind of laser cutting includes the plastic, aluminium, wood, fabric, wax and other such type.

Nd and Nd-YAG laser:

These are the laser which are same in their nature but the only difference between them is the applications in which it is used. Both of these could be used for the boring but there are even types in the boring and the Nd laser is used where the boring does not require frequent repetitions and the Nd YAG is used when the repetitions are higher and the power of both of these lasers are very much high. All these lasers could also be used for the applications of the welding.

Then there are even types in the machines of the laser cutting with respect of the functionality. The one laser cutting machine which is known as the moving material laser cutting machine of Just Signage Online is the one in which the laser remains static and the material is moved against the laser beam. However, this kind of the machine may provide you with the good accurate results but this is very slow option.

The next laser cutting machine is the flying optics machine and unlike the moving material laser cutting machine, this is one of the fastest lasers cutting machine. This machine has both the function of the stationary and the fixed laser machine and could be used in either way.