Want To Frighten Your Friends This Halloween?


Are you looking to frighten your friends during your birthday party? Do you want to create a fear in the mind of your friend at school? Then you need to make use of the scar monsters, vampires and deadly frightening face coverings that are found in plenty in many stores. There is no doubt that small kids easily get frightened when they see frightening face coverings. It can easily cause fright and shock in the minds of the kids. You can feel their heart pounding with fear. This is one of the ways you can surprise your friend as they will be curious to know who is behind the covering. Your face will be completely masked with a scary monster’s face covering or a wild witch’s face.

Horror party night

If you are planning to host party for your school friends, then why not choose a horror theme party for a difference.

• You should request all your friends to come with the faces covered with Halloween masks and also the suited dress for the occasion.

• This will be an enjoying and a frightening party as no kid will be able to recognize the actual face behind the monstrous mask.

• You will be able to fully cover your identity with the perfect horror costume and accessories.

• You can even start a game that will be filled with lots of fun and laughter. You can ask your friend to make a guess as to who you are.

Materials used

The Halloween masks in Australia are made with different kinds of materials. You will be able to find plastic, fiber; rubber prosthetics, latex and paper face coverings. You can even opt for the coverings that will just cover your eyes. There are others that will cover the top half of your face. You can even find ones that cover your entire head. The best option is to go for ones that cover your entire face. With so many options on offer, finding one that suits your face, figure and stature will not be a difficult job at all.

Add makeup

If you want to beat the bone out of your friend, then you need to not just wear the perfect horror costume and mask, but also using a bit of horror makeup on it. You just need to add some colored makeup on your eye areas and then pop the mask onto your face. You will then have the perfect horrifying look that will frighten your friends. Costume Hut offers a lot of fun costumes for every occasion. 


They are very versatile and they can perfectly compliment the horror costume that you are wearing. Sometimes, the horror mask itself can turn out to be a focal point. All you need to make sure is that you buy ones that are safe to use.