Surprising Health Benefits Of Smoking Weed

You’ve heard about it from time to time: smoking weed or marijuana is not something that any doctor can recommend doing. Any person with some general knowledge will always tell you about all the anti-drug activists, what they do and the way they tell you that smoking is just bad for your health.

Let’s get this on point: smoking weed is bound to cause addiction and might make you less responsive to external stimuli. Nevertheless, scientists have found out that there are a few surprising health benefits hidden, some of which are as follows:

•    Helps You Lose Weight – Smoking weed has shown to help reduce the risk of getting obese. Obesity comes with all sorts of problems by itself, including a very high probability of catching a variety of other conditions, including diabetes and heart problems. Of course, it won’t help people with very unhealthy dieting habits.

•    Increase Physical Performance – Doping is a hot topic nowadays in the competitive sporting world. While the use of cannabis grinders and smoking devices is a grey area (since cannabis is on the list of banned substances), regulators have recently increased the upper limit to the amount of cannabis that can be found in the bloodstream while doing the blood tests before and after competitive events. This won’t allow for any heavy usage of cannabis smoke, but there are many athletes who are engaging in such activities for recreational purposes, both before or well after their athletic events are over. Said athletes have often said that their smoking habits help them have increased concentration and stamina while training.

•    Helps Fight Cancer – One very useful property of cannabis smoke is that it can help you effectively combat cancer and kill cancerous cells in your body. There are many kinds of issues related with right inhalation devices such as bongs and water pipes, including an increased risk of lung cancer due to heavy smoke. But even the heaviest of weed smokers can actually benefit from the cancer-killing effects of cannabis, as it has been found out that they don’t develop lung cancer just as much as regular cigarette smokers. We are still a long way before cannabis is fully legalized for cancer treatment, but it can definitely come in useful in the near future.

•    Helps Give Up Other Drugs – Recent studies have also found out that cannabis may be the drug with the least side effects. People can effectively give up the use of dangerous drugs such as heroine, and even use it as a substitute for drinks with high alcohol percentages.