Keeping Sunday School Interesting

It is not always easy to keep a bunch of kids in one place. It is even more difficult to keep them calm and focused on studies. So we know it is always a challenge for Sunday school teachers to have and to maintain attention of young children for long enough so that they can educate the children on religious teachings. However, if you are a Sunday school teacher working with young kids, we have some tips for you so that you can keep things interesting and through such, do your job.
Blending New and Old IdeasWe all know that kids love to be active. So keep them active while you try to reach them. Get them involved rather than making them sit and listen to you because, kids are not always interested in listening to someone else read or talk for a long period of time. Get them to read small gospel stories and each child can take their turn so that they will stay alert. Divide the kids into two teams and have a quiz on what you just taught them. This will be a fun group activity and it will indirectly encourage them to learn the religion. You can also form a small drama club in your class and have them act out a story from the Bible. Kids love playing dress up and thus it could be used to teach them something. Personalized inspirational gifts are also a great way of teaching small children.
There are stickers to be bought with various scripture prints that would actually catch the attention of children. They are bright and cheerful but also simple, making them easy to understand. Children generally love stickers thus it will be a great way of introducing religious messages to them. These stickers can even be given as gifts to the kids who win a quiz or some other friendly competition. In addition, wall hangings are another effective way of familiarizing children with religion. Often seeing phrases from the Bible would help inculcate those religious values in children.
Keep it SimpleHowever, amidst all this, it is of utmost importance that you remember to keep things simple. Children are young minds waiting to absorb information. Therefore, it is crucial to remember how such information is conveyed to them. It should be in the simplest way so that children not only understand what is being taught to them, but it will also keep them interested on any related matter. Remember not to try to teach them a lot, all in one day, because this might leave the kids confused and thus not absorbing anything at all.