Installing The Right Cam In Your Car- Here Are Some Tips

Dash cams are very useful for drivers as well as car owners. So, when you will choose a dash cam for your car you should be careful about it because this is matter of your security. This is almost a new technology and people are not that aware about it. They do not know the use of this camera, what is the main difference between a normal point and shoot and this camera etc. Here are some tips how you can choose a good camera for your car.

People cannot make a difference between dashcam and mobile cameras, they think that the smartphone camera is also useful when using for car. But there are many benefits of using this type of dash cam as this is designed for installing your car and can help you a lot. Your smartphone is useful to you and you do not want to waste it just using camera for your car. It is because when you will put your smartphone camera at the dashboard sunlight will make an effect on it and create heat which will degrade the battery.

You have to record high resolution video but your smartphone probably does not have enough storage to record high resolution video for a long time. And most importantly, when you will use your phone to make a call you will miss those moment to record. But dash cameras have strongly built body which is directly connected to your car’s battery. And this type of cam has a self-start option, so when the car’s engine will start it can record high resolution video for longer times.

Video resolution is important that you can see the actual detail of any incident so it will be better to choose the 720p resolution camera or upgraded version of it. It will be better if you choose 1080p camera with a capturing speed of 30 fps or more. Choose your camera based on the size of your windshield as there are large cameras as well as small cameras which can easily be hidden. If you are driving a bus, then it is okay to choose a large cam because you have a large windshield but if you are driving racing car then you must need smaller cam.

Modern dash cams have GPs system installed in it so it can record speed and show the exact location where you are. It is good for the parents whose teenagers use cars; they can track him or her easily. The dash cams are also record videos at night because it has night vision system.