How To Prepare Yourself For An Interview

For many of us facing an interview could be a daunting and challenging experience. It is quite difficult when you know that you hold the attention of the entire panel of interviewers and everything you say matters and would decide your future. Therefore anxiety and nervousness is quite normal when facing an interview and especially for the first timers. The two main reasons why most people fail at an interview are lack of preparation and self confidence. The first mistake that you can do when called for an interview, is to make it a burden or a stressful experience. Think of it as an opportunity that you receive to excel and achieve greater things.

Things to do few days before the interview
Improve your communication skills to a reasonably high standard. Learn how to market yourself and be positive. Find out more about the company and the names of the top level management, about the products and services they offer and the number of subsidiaries and branches. Read the job advertisement a few times and mark the competencies and skills that are required by the job. Practice common questions like “where do you see yourself in a few years time” and “why did you apply for this job?”

The day before the interview
Pack a small plastic folder containing copies of your CV, your educational qualifications, a few blank sheets, any project reports etc. Select reasonable attire. Three types of dresses are recommended for women. Light color sari, skirt and jacket or trouser suit. (Business suit) Carry a simple handbag with a color matching the shoes and attire. Wear minimum jewelry and never let your hair fall onto your face. Prefer to wear high heels or wedge shoes in Australia and never wear sneakers or sandals. Men should be dressed in a light colored shirt, dark colored pants and a conservative tie worn 1 inch below the belt that match or contrast shirt color.

When facing the interview
Make sure you knock before you enter and when asked to “come in” enter and close the door behind you. Walk up to the table smartly and greet without waiting for the interviewer to do so. Ladies should be careful to be comfortable with their attire and shoes. Avoid tight fitting, slim heels; better to wear wedge shoes. Do not sit down until asked to. And do not sit on the edge of the chair. Maintain good eye contact and do not keep anything in your hands. It is alright to place your folder on the table and your hand bag on the ground.

Closing remarks
After the interview once you are informed of the outcome, accept if you are satisfied and ask for a time frame. Make sure that you thank the interview panel before you leave. Patiently collect your belongings and walk out of the room without any hustle.

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