Hosting Your Baby\’s First Birthday

Your baby’s first birthday is indeed an exciting time for you and your husband as parents. This day marks one year that your precious bundle of joy has been a part of your life and a part of your family. In addition to this, you also celebrate one year of incredible experiences, both good and bad and therefore you as parents will want to celebrate your baby’s birthday. However, it is important that you remember that this birthday party is mostly about you as parents and not so much your one year old as your baby is unlikely to know what is going on and will never remember this day except when he one day looks through the pictures that you took.

Keep it simple
Today, most parents feel pressured the host expensive lavish birthday parties for their one year old. The reason for this is that the latest trend is for parents to host birthday parties akin to lavish weddings at five star hotels and end up spending thousands of dollars on a party that the baby is unlikely to ever remember. The truth is this is unnecessary and it is advisable to have a small simple birthday party at home with some homemade decorations, party masks Sydney for the little guests, a homemade cake and some lovely homemade treats for your guests.

Get your older children involved
If you have older children, it is advisable and a fun idea that you get them involved with planning your baby’s first birthday. You may have them design and hand make some basic homemade party decorations and have them draw and cut out some party masks for the occasion. This will teach your children creativity, responsibility and your little guests at the party are likely to be very impressed by the homemade birthday party decorations Australia, check out here.

Pick a theme
Although your one year old is never going to remember this day in the future and is unlikely to know what is going on, you may be able to amuse them somewhat by having some decorations and the cake made with pictures of their favorite cartoon characters and story book characters. Your baby is likely to be very excited to see their favorite cartoon characters come to life in the decorations, invitations and other aspects of the birthday party. If it is financially viable it might be fun to have someone dressed in a costume of their favorite character as well to add to the fun. If this costs too much, you may even create your own costume as your baby is unlikely to know the difference.