Getting Ready to Head Back to School


Is the school term about to start? After weeks of being on holiday the first day of school is suddenly looming and you have realised that you are nowhere near ready for the start of a new school year. If that is the case then we have some tips that will make getting ready to head back to school a breeze.

School supplies

Getting schools supplies ready is probably the first thing you should start checking off your list. Most schools offer a book list that includes all the extra supplies that your kids will need for the year – including craft supplies and other odds and ends. Bear in mind that there will be additions to make to the list of supplies as the year progresses so try not to splurge on things like erasers and pens or notebooks that will constantly get used up of need replacing. You could look for office products online in NZ you are likely to find everything you need stationery wise at least very easily.

Yet another bonus for getting school supplies like pens and notebooks and folders through stores that sell office products online is that you are likely to find marked down prices and great deals that will help you save money as well!

New clothes

Heading back for the new school year means that often your kids will want new clothes. Start by making a list of essential items – like new shoes if they have outgrown their old ones and sweatshirts, basic t-shirts and jeans. Once you have made a list of these items and checked them off your list allow your kids to pick out a few items of their choice that they would like to wear to school. Give them a limit and then allow them to pick
what they want – they are more likely to get dressed on time on a school day if they actually like what they are wearing and if they change their mind later on you can easily remind them that those clothes were their choice!

Get a backpack

You may also need to replace school backpacks. Look for roomy bags that have a strong zip. If the bag has multiple compartments then that is great! You can allocate space for their lunch, homework and other books. Depending on how many books your children carry to school on a daily basis, you should look for a bag that will not strain their shoulders or back. Look for bags with wide straps and avoid messenger style bags especially for younger kids!