Different Types Of Carpets

Over the years carpets have been used for residential and commercial purposes. They are used in giving a much more finished look to a room. The carpets provide comfort and warmth to our feet over the cold wooden and concrete floors. The different colours, styles, patterns and textures uplift a room to look rich and exquisite. When purchasing a carpet a question on everyone’s mind is how many textures are out there and how they differ from one and other. Given below are few of the different textures of rugs that can be found in the market.

Loop pile
All carpets and rugs start off as loop pile. These are then categorized into two, level loop pile and textured loop pile. Level loop pile carpets best suit households with young children and has constant movement, as it comes with an ease of care and tolerance to footprints. Textured loop pile carpets have loops of different heights giving it an added texture and comfort. It too is ideal for busy households because of its tolerance to footprints.

Cut pile
Cut pile carpets are known for its rich and luxurious feel. These carpets are highly acclaimed for its residential applications and occupy a larger share of the residential market. These carpets are appreciated for its unique quality of showing light and dark patches on it over time, called shading or watermarking which are also similar qualities of textures such as velvet and suede. Many of these carpets and designer rugs online and in store are readily available for anyone willing to purchase them.

Also known as velvet are a type of cut pile carpets with similar characteristics between the two. Unlike the loop pile carpets, the velvet carpets are prone to footprint marks which can of course be vacuumed out with a bit of effort. The much appreciated shading and watermarking feature of this carpet provides it with a rich look ideal for a room that requires a formal and luxurious setting. If you are looking to buy a velvet rug and are willing to go the distance in sparing a little extra money, there are some incredible designer rugs online to choose from.   

Cut and loop pile
This carpet brings the best of both worlds together. The two styles bring a unique and distinctive pattern to the carpet. It will not show footprints to the extent of the cut pile carpets but also retain its shading quality to provide the carpet with a rich look. It will have a variety of textures that will fit a setting ranging from modern to old school traditional wool rugs for sale.

The above mentioned types of carpets would definitely help the clueless carpet buyer an inkling of what to expect when it comes to purchasing their carpets.