Cleansing Our Bodies Of Toxins From Processed Food

The last few decades have changed our lifestyles so significantly that humans have forgotten the most important thing, themselves. We have become so busy in this fast tracked money obsessed rat race that eating is something we chose to do when we have the time or in between meetings. In order to meet this need for quick food, large corporations have created thousands of brands of processed food that can be either eaten straight from the pack or simply need to be heated in a microwave before eating. This substance that we often mistake for real food is often a mass of chemicals and preservatives that have been created with by these companies with nutrition being the last thing on their minds.

Making the switch

Although it may seem time consuming and difficult at first, make an effort to cook your own plant based whole food. Switching to a plant based diet will not immediately cleanse your body of all the toxins present from your years of consumption of chemical laced processed meat products. It is advisable to participate in a raw vegan detox for a number of days that will allow your body to naturally cleanse itself of all unnecessary toxins. Following your cleanse, make an effort to only eat whole food with a portion of your meal being raw. Raw organic green superfood contains all its vitamins and nutrients in their original state and is best for your body. Cooking food will reduce or eliminate certain nutrients present in your food.

When you choosing a raw vegan detox diet however, it is vital that you do sufficient research before choosing which diet to follow. You may even consider consulting with a professional dietician before your detox cleanse. The reason for this is that your body until now has been used to having large filling meals and may not be immediately prepared for a raw food diet and may cause you to feel weak or even faint.

In a world where obesity is a more common form of death than starvation and where obesity is prevalent choosing to consume a plant based diet is one of the best decisions you can make for your body, for the animals and the environment. It is little known that, fifty six billion land animals are slaughtered annually for human consumption. Tons upon tons of the earth’s grain and water resources are used up to feed these fifty six billion animals, water and grain that could be put to better use if humans themselves consumed it, enough to eradicate world starvation all together.