Basics To Wireless Cameras

The world is now virtually connected. Phones, computers, and now even chargers are now wire-free. So it comes as no surprise when the surveillance technology too heads in the direction of wire-free technology.  Whether it be for home surveillance or on larger commercial scale, this type of technology is being used but there are still some doubt as to what exactly this particular surveillance system is. Wireless security cameras are a closed circuit television or CCTV cams that transmit audio visual signals via a radio frequency to a receiver. One clarification should be made though, by the term “wireless” the reference is made to the fact that the signal is not transmitted through cables but via radio frequencies. The cams still use wires for power and even those that have a rechargeable battery still has to be connected to a power source to recharge.

There are two types of cams, digital and analog. Digital is when the data is transmitted in data packets via frequencies which gives you high quality picture and sound. One negative to digital is that it operates on the same frequency as most modern day electronics which means the level of interference is high. Analog transmits its data via lower frequency levels which means that it won’t have much interference but a lower frequency means that the video feed will be of a lower quality.

There are many benefits to using outdoor wireless security camera and one such benefit is that this camera have a flexibility wired cams do not, which means that you have the ability to install these cams in places which wired cams would not have been able to be installed. Because of this, these cams have the ability to record from difficult and wider angles giving you the ability to monitor a greater area. Also since there are no wires you have to ability to move the camera with ease as there are less accessories and tools needed.

Another benefit of these cams and why it is preferred by security firms is the fact that it is easy to install and it is cheaper than wired cams. The installation process is less time consuming. Also there is the added advantage of the transmitting range being from 700 meters to up to 10 miles which means that you can view the footage even when you’re away from the property. Also now there is the possibility of viewing your live feed via the internet which allows you to keep track of your property from all over the world. This is a great tool for when you go away on holiday and want to keep an eye on your home. As I said before, these security systems are something that even though we are surrounded by it in our everyday life, we are not exactly sure how it works.