3 Simple Body Ink After-Care Moves For Maintenance

Getting inked is a big step in any person’s life; tattoo virgins are always thrilled to show off their gorgeous body art to friends and family, and on social media. If an artist is true to his/her job, then they would be very careful to make their customers aware of the after-care procedures, including all the Do’s and Don’ts. However, there are some artists who are more interested in the money than the safety of their clients, and who will neglect to give all or any information on how to protect themselves from infection. So here are some things you need to be aware of during and after getting inked.

Expect Professionalism from the Artist

Quite apart from expecting the tattooist from keeping their hands only in the necessary places you also should hold them to the highest hygienic standards during the process. Make sure that they are wearing a tattoo apron Australia so that their sweat does not come into contact with your body at any point while they work on you. Observe whether or not they change needles from client to client to protect against infection. Insist that they change their gloves and douse their hands with anti-bacterial. At the end of the day, it is up to you to be careful about your health and not point fingers at others.

Preventing Infection before everything

Most artists will put a dressing on the open site to protect against dust and bacteria but it is best that you buy a tattoo barrier wrap online if possible as these are custom made to protect your body art. These plasters are made of breathable material which allows oxygen to pass through and allows the wound to heal. It has no harm if you go for the good quality ones. It also soaks up moisture so that the wound doesn’t get puffy. Think about the clothes you wear, and how they would rub against the tender skin and chafe. This would help take care of the wound until the tattoo settles.

Clean and Care methods and ways

Some artists would recommend that you avoid water altogether while others only prescribe it for a day or two. Some will ask you to use wax sealant while you take a bath. However, even the body art needs to be cleaned properly so don’t soak it completely, but wipe it with a damp cloth and then dry it gently. After a week you can take a bath but don’t let it soak too long nor absorb too many cleaning solutions.